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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Ceramics: Art & Perception and Ceramics TECHNICAL. We work to present the highest quality writing and photography available so that these magazines continue to be sought after by all interested in ceramic art.

Checklist for article submission:

__ Microsoft Word document sent electronically.
__ Ten to twelve high resolution images sent electronically
__ Your contact information
__ A two to three sentence statement about the author

__ A verification that it has not been submitted elsewhere

Here are a few guidelines for your information.

Guidelines for Articles, Reviews, Photographs

• May be on any subject of interest to ceramic artists, potters and sculptors, galleries and collectors, schools and teachers.

• May be of historical, contemporary, local, international, philosophical, aesthetic, educational, technical, ethnological value.

• May be of any length necessary (recommended 1000 to 3000 words) to tell the story.

• Commentary, criticism, innovative research, first-person profiles, reviews of exhibitions, books, events, details of future events (allow a three-month lead time), all will be welcome.

• Articles must be typed; to suit Macintosh (Microsoft Word) computers.

• Please retain a copy of the article for yourself.

Image files must be submitted as digital images. They may be sent to our office on a CD or they may be uploaded to our web site drop box at the bottom of this page. They must be a minimum of 300-450dpi, saved as either a TIFF or EPS. Jpeg format is only acceptable if saved at maximum compression.
Lower compression removes information from the image and leads to poor reproduction.

• Images to accompany articles or for the Gallery Review must be professional colour images. The larger the format and the sharper the focus the better for reproduction.
Objects should be photographed on a plain or subdued colour background.

• Sufficient space should be left around the object in the photograph for larger reproduction, as in bleeding off the edges of the pages and for superimposed titles as in title or cover pages.

• Images must be labelled with explanatory captions including: title, date, dimensions, materials.
Photographic credit will be given if provided.

• If you have any queries regarding images, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

• Diagrams should be well drawn and labelled.

Podcasts may be submitted by the author on any published article in either Ceramics: Art and Perception or Ceramics TECHNICAL. Podcasts should be recorded into a specific program such as GarageBand (for Macs). Images must be jpegs and may be dragged into the program at appropriate intervals.

If this program is not available to you, you may record your article and send it to us on a disk, along with appropriate images and cues on the placement of the images.

Podcasts are available for download from our website at a price of $4.99. The proceeds of all sales are shared 50/50 with the author or submitter.

General Information:
• Deadlines are continuous. We are always working on the next magazine; as soon as you have something ready, send it in.

• Payment, as yet only modest, is made for original articles published. We will also send you a copy of the published magazine.

• Contact will be made when we receive material from you; please include your name, email address, mailing address, telephone and fax (if available) numbers so we can contact you easily. We like to check articles with you when they are ready for printing.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Elaine Henry, Editor
Ceramics: Art and Perception/TECHNICAL
23 North Scott Street - Suite 16
Sheridan, Wyoming (WY) 82801 USA
307.675.1056 - Phone
307.675.1057 - Fax
Ceramics Art & Perception — Cermaics Technical
Ceramics Art & Perception
Ceramics Technical
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