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Issue 36, 2013 – CRETA Rome. Lori-Ann Touchette and Paolo Porelli detail the new residency that they have started in Rome.

Issue 35 2012Shadowy Celadon. Cao Chunsheng describes the characteristics of shadowy celadon sculpture in Jingdezhen in the Song Dynasty.

Issue 34, 2012 - Essere di nulla (beinginthevoid) by Graeme Wilkie.

Issue 33, 2011 – Underglazing with Copper Chloride.  Zeliha Yayla, Ilker Ozkanand Sabit Acar research an easy way to prepare the mixture.

Issue 31, 2010 – A Special Place: The International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet. Debra Sloan visits the studio and residency in Kecskemet.

Issue 30, 2010 – On Virtual Sandboxes. Anton Reijnders and Malcolm Mobutu Smith explore the potential of rapid prototyping as described by Shu-Mei Chan.

Issue 29, 2009 – Salt Fire Kiln Building in Cappadocia. Tugrul Emre Feyzoglu reportson building a salt kiln in Turkey with Fred Olsen.

Issue 28, 2009 – Klepisko. Ursula Ilse-Neuman discusses an installation by Marek Cecula.

Issue 25, 2007 – Alice at the Allport. Fiona Tabart extends her experience into the world of ceramic decal printing.

Issue 24, 2007 – From the Ground Up New Work From an Old Landscape. Steve Harrison investigates native porcelains developed from Australian Bai-tunze of the Southern Highlands of Australia.

Issue 23, 2006 – Collective Traces. Christie Brown responds to the work in the Petrie Museum.

Issue 22, 2006Terracotta and the London Natural History Museum. Donna Webb researched the interesting use of terracotta in the design of this building.

Issue 21, 2005Visible Crystals. Janet Hamer outlines the new glazes of Avril Farley and describes how these sculptural crystal shapes are formed.

Issue 19, 2005Clay Modern at Gulgong. Karen Weiss writes about a conference she believes to be Australia’s No. 1 ceramics event.

Issue 18, 2004Throwing Classical Porcelain in Jingdezhen, China. Steve Brousseau.

Issue 17, 2004 – Carol Rossman Precision Raku. Jonathan Smith.

Issue 16 – Flame, Smoke and Flying Ash. Milton Moon.