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Technical: Current Issue  35

  • Immense Mode: Vision of Legs by Leslie Greentree
  • Soluble Salts in Clay by Jeff Zamek
  • Making Places, Making People by Sebastian Blackie
  • Colloidal Gold & Copper Colourants in High Fire by Jon Singer
  • Thimi Traditional Pottery Village by Zeliha Yayla and Ilker Ozkan
  • Coloured Clays by Chris Campbell
  • Making a Large Wall Platter by Yücel Basegit
  • Fire Dancing With Dr Seuss by Michelle Flowers
  • The Artist and the Shipping Company by Archita Ghosh
  • Sculpting in Yerevan by Christopher Garcia
  • Stephen Freedman by Michael Shewmaker
  • Shadowy Celadon by Cao Chunsheng
  • The North Carolina Potters Conference by Chris Campbell
  • Mevleviyeh by Emine Nas
  • Organising Glaze Formulas by John Conrad
  • Dragon and Phoenix by Shen Lei
  • An Artist Residency in Taiwan by Keith Ekstam
  • Optical Illusionary Effects by Kamuran Ozlem Sarniç
  • Capturing Light with Clay by Charlie Cummings
  • Tile Making Devices by Dr Ali Vincent Egwu
  • Chemically Reduced Copper Reds in Oxidation by Tom Turner
  • Jean-Baptiste Stahl by Branko Stahl
  • Book Review  Yasuhisa Kohyama: The Art of Ceramics by Andy Christian
  • Recent Publications