Art and Perception


Current Issue — 95

Michael Flynn  Paul Greenhalgh
Pippin Drysdale is an Enigma  Tony Martin
Innovation Creation: Diversity & Art History Nancy K Weant
Wayne Cardinalli – Teapots and Mores  Gil McElroy
Apoptosis: Martha Russo & Katie Caron Karen Jacobs
Paolo Polloniato – Orchestra Leader Rolando Giovannini
Luz Angela Crawford  Victor Cassidy
Translucencies  Runette Kruger
Dan Elborne’s Brutal Beauty  Dr David Akenson
Form Follows Feeling: Ray Chen  Dr Stephen Smithers
One Foot on the Black  Merran Esson
Alice Mackler at Kerry Schuss  Adam Welch
Palpable Vision – Linda Swanson  Naomi Frangos
Connie Norman: Words & Patterns  Art Nadler
New Designers 2013, London  Paul Bailey
Strangely Hospitable  Dr Elizabeth Perrill
The Poetics of Potter James Campbell  Tim Boon
Tiffany Schmierer: Urban Quotidian  Susannah Israel
Body & Soul: New International Ceramics  Jan Garden Castro
View One: Sean Bluechel at Nicole Klagsbrun Adam Welch
View Two: Sean Bluechel at Nicole Klagsbrun Janet Koplos
Hybridised Narratives of M Richeda  Leigh Taylor Michelson
Souzou – Outsider Art from Japan  Andy Christian
Erik Gronborg  Craig Adcock
Nathan Prouty: Hot Spots and Rocks  Arlene Snyder
A Curious Cast: Vipoo Srivilasa  Tarun Nagesh
Kathy Butterly – Twist and Shout  Judy Seckler
Val Cushing (1931–2013)  Steven Brnfman, Jeff Zamek, John Britt
Out of the Fire: A DVD Review  Jack Troy
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